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    What is Lead Loading and Metal Finishing?

    by | Sep 1, 2020 | Articles

    Amongst the many services offered by Finishline Autobody Repairs, Lead Loading would have to be one of the more traditional.

    Before plastic fillers appeared in the 1950’s and became the quick fix to collision repairs, finishing cars was done via method known as lead loading. This is where the body work is repaired by adding metal back into the car to fill dents and smooth joints.

    What is the process?

    It is a multistep process, where paint and primer are removed to ensure that the lead blends to the rest of the area. We carefully remove any ruse to ensure the finish is showroom. The surface is then tinned, which is a process where the area is cleaned via a liquid flux with a paintbrush.

    We then add the lead in, using a blowtorch and a lead stick. The lead is melted off the stick and applied to the body of the car using a wooden block. It is then shaped and manoeuvred the molten lead while still hot.

    Why do we use lead loading?

    There are a number of advantages to lead loading, but the main one is that it is waterproof, whereas plastic fillers are not, so you can ensure that the finish will be smooth and withstand the elements.

    And because it is blended to the rest of the metal work, it will bridge any small holes in the finish, creating a showroom finish for your vehicle once painted.

    Our guarantee is that we will have your repair back to you with a showroom finish, so our team is fully qualified in this traditional process.

    What about Metal Finishing?

    Metal finishing is exactly as the name suggests. It is the process of finishing the panels once they have been repaired and shaped. Panels are finished by file for a smooth finish, before having it refinished in our paint booth.

    Metal Finishing

    If you would like to know more about lead loading and metal finishing, or have us take a look at repairing your car, please contact us.

    Lead Loading and Metal Finishing
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