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    Finishline Autobody Repairs First In Line For Revolutionary MoonWalk™ Paint Mixing Technology

    by | Jun 16, 2021 | Articles, News

    Having swept across Europe, PPG’s exclusive MoonWalk technology is now set to revolutionise the paint mixing experience for local collision repairers. 

    After building a new, state-of-the-art collision repair facility in Adelaide, Finishline Autobody Repairs immediately embraced the MoonWalk concept. Run by brothers, Ray and Les Khabbaz, Finishline recently became the first local repairer to have a unit installed. Ray says it was his project to create a collision repair centre of excellence and MoonWalk was a perfect fit. 

    “The MoonWalk system is ahead of the game which is why we invested. Our paint facility is an ultra-clean area with two spray booths, two prep bays, a paint room and now MoonWalk. The unit has been setup in a high-profile position in the middle of this area, inside a glass enclosure with sliding doors – it’s the centrepiece of our paint shop! I am very customer-centric and MoonWalk offers a relationship value with our customers, on top of the efficiency and cost value benefits. When customers come to our ‘front of house’, they are already blown away by the experience but we are able to say, ‘this is nothing compared to our workshop’. As part of showing them around, we get them to invest some time to prepare the paint for their job. They feel like they are part of the process of caring for their car and this adds value to the scope of our customer experience. When you create an experience that the customer enjoys, then they create a secondary experience by telling other people about Finishline. I think MoonWalk is very impressive technology and an investment in the future that can help guide our staff to stay ahead of the game. You can set it to mix a formulation in the right volume and the painter can walk away and be doing something else. It’s also a much cleaner unit with no spillages that need cleaning up.” 

    “We had great expectations, knowing we were launching something really innovative but the market enthusiasm for MoonWalk really surprised us. What it confirmed is that we had identified a very deep user need and provided a solution. We like to call it the ‘from pain to gain’ approach. Refinish painters are typically employed to paint so the task of precisely mixing accurate volumes of basecoat can be a real pain, particularly over a busy day or when tiny amounts of tinter need to be accurately added. MoonWalk takes away that ‘pain’ and replaces it with a ‘gain’ in productivity, reduced wastage and a cleaner paint shop.”

    Self-contained, automated, high tech solution

    Designed to work with the ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne basecoat system, MoonWalk’s compact packaging is sized to fit neatly into a typical paint mixing room and contains everything the semi-automated mixing system needs. This includes a dispensing rack, along with storage for 80 tinters, a RAPIDMATCH® GO spectrophotometer, a set of ultra-accurate scales, a built-in touch screen computer loaded with PAINTMANAGER® XI and a label printer. Despite being high-tech, MoonWalk is simple to operate. After downloading a spectro reading and selecting the appropriate colour formulation, just a single ‘click’ sets MoonWalk in motion to create a ready to spray mix. Not only is every mix incredibly precise, no matter how small the amount of tinter to be added, it’s a set and forget process so it frees up the painter to paint or perform other productive tasks.

    Despite being hamstrung by the COVID-19 pandemic which also affected the MoonWalk manufacturer, COROB Italy, the groundbreaking technology has taken the market by storm with literally hundreds of units already installed, says Matteo.

    “From day one we received MoonWalk requests from North Europe to the Middle East and from Central Europe to South Africa. Units have now been installed in more than 25 countries around the globe. All of these customers are attracted by the more efficient paint utilisation, increased productivity and a better mixing room environment. In addition, these are customers who are looking for constant innovation – they want to keep their repair centre at the top of the technology available in the industry. Some customers have actually installed MoonWalk in their customer waiting room as an innovation flagship!”

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